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“We just returned from a fabulous cruise to the western Caribbean to Roatan, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Belize. We scuba’d at every port and what fabulous underwater experiences we had! We dove walls, grottos, wrecks, drift dives and reef dives and saw some fabulous coral and wildlife. gave us advise for shops and dive sites at each of our ports and without their ideas we never would have known about the sites and shops that gave us such excellent service. Thanks,, for being there to help us have a wonderful first experience at diving the Caribbean. We’ll be going back soon and I will count on for their advice at all the ports we visit in the future!”

- Troy S. (San Diego, CA)

“My husband and I are avid scuba divers and just went on our first Caribbean cruise which we took specifically to experience a variety of diving at the ports we visited. gave us some perfect ideas for shops to use and sites to visit and the result was some of the best diving we’ve ever experienced. We like to dive to all sorts of experiences and with the help of we were able to find some amazing reefs, caves, and wrecks at our ports. We tried to use the internet to find our own ideas for dives at our ports, but just made it so easy for us and their suggestions were exactly what we were looking for.”

- Dr. Christine D.  (San Diego, CA)

“I’m a newly certified scuba diver and I really didn’t have any idea how to research dive shops or find the best spots to dive at ports on my recent cruise. gave me some great ideas and the shops I used where wonderful at working with novice divers like me. I can’t wait to go on another cruise to more diving and I will most definitely count on for ideas and advice. Thanks, guys, for making my own first scuba-cruise such a fabulous experience!”

- Candice M.  (Pittsburgh area, PA)

“ Coming from London, I don’t know much about diving in places like Hawaii, but the folks at gave me some perfect references to dive shops there for my recent visit. Not only was the diving great, but we encountered a “baby” whale shark (22 feet long!) that was an incredible experience. Thanks,, for putting me in touch with dive shops that gave me such a super diving experience. I can’t wait to use your advice for a Caribbean cruise in the near future.”

- Natasha M.  (London, England)